The Successful Pre-Med

A step-by-step guide on how to set yourself up for college success and medical school acceptance!

Welcome To The Successful Pre-Med

Hi I'm Lakshya (Luck-sh) - you're humble host and 4th year med student. 😃

I made this course for the Pre-Med who wants to set themselves up for success when applying to med school. 

No more guessing or stressing about what it takes to get into medical school. Get the successful blueprint here to enjoy your college and experience and still feel confident you'll become a doctor!


 I absolutely love the course! All the information is so invaluable. 

I've implemented the following techniques:

  • Google Calendar for planning my week (thank you for including your own schedule, it really helped! )
  • Thank you for introducing a way to use the Feynman technique post-lecture! It was a good way to really clarify what I didn't know. 

Thank you so much!
Freddy - College Freshman
I sincerely enjoyed your course, especially the portion on job shadowing, studying and productivity. This has cut my studying time by 75% and saved me HOURS in terms of applying for shadowing."
Morgan - International Applicant

What To Expect

This is not a record and done project for me.

I'm constantly listening to your feedback, making new videos, and interacting with you on the Facebook group to make this the best pre-med resource you can have!

Expect new videos on a weekly basis based on your feedback! 😃

What's included?

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Important Free Resources and Templates
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How To Study Efficiently In College and Keep High Grades
Learn This Before You Ever Start Studying.mp4
8 mins
Overwhelmed While Studying - Here's How To Stop.mp4
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Studying For Science Courses.mp4
8 mins
Studying For Non Science Courses.mp4
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Should I Type or Write My Notes by Hand.mp4
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How To Prepare For Multiple Choice Exams.mp4
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How To Prepare For Open Ended Questions.mp4
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How To Use Anki In College.mp4
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How To Use The Notebook Method.mp4
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How To Use The Excel Method.mp4
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How To Remember Anything.mp4
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How To Study For Tests and Find Your Gaps.mp4
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How To Master Group Studying.mp4
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What Grades Do You Need.mp4
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Should I Study For The MCAT Early ON.mp4
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What Classes Will Help With Med School.mp4
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How To Boost Your Med School Resume
Research - Do I Need It.mp4
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How To Get Shadowing Experience.mp4
10 mins
Sample Pre-Med Plan Of Attack.mp4
13 mins
Getting A Letter Of Rec - How To Build Relationships WIth Your Professors.mp4
11 mins
Do I Need Medical Volunteering In College.mp4
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Why You Need An Angle.mp4
8 mins
What Major Should I Pick.mp4
7 mins
How To Manage Your Time As A Pre-Med
My Most Important Productivity Tip - How to Master Your Day.mp4
9 mins
How To Manage Your Time In College.mp4
5 mins
Want To Become A Top Student?
How To Become A Top Student
1 min

Helping You Succeed On Your Medical Journey With Less Stress

There are so many lessons I've picked up since starting my medical journey. I wish someone would have told me them from day one, but that's okay. But I want to share them with you. These are the tips, videos, and products I wish someone would have pointed me to when I began as a pre-med and medical student. 


What Is The Successful Pre-Med?

The Successful Pre-Med is for any student who is tired of guessing what they need to do to get into medical school. It provides you step-by-step actionable advice on the following: 
  • How To Study Efficiently And Become An All 'A' Student
  • How To Manage Your Time and Be More Productive
  • How To Boost Up Your CV and Excel On Your Extracurriculars
  • How To Get Clinical Experience
  • Much More

What Makes The Successful Pre-Med Unique?

This is not a record and done kind of course. It's growing with you based on feedback by you!

The Facebook group is where you can tell me what more you want to learn and more videos will be posted to assist you! 

In addition, it's a full comprehensive guide which aims to leave no leaf unturned when it comes to being a pre-med!

How Long Do I Have Access To The Videos?

For life! :D

In addition, any new resource I put out as an extension of this course (books, worksheets, videos, etc.) are also include without additional charge for you to use!

What If I'm Not Satisfied?

I want every student to be happy with their purchase. My goal is to provide 10x the value the course costs to you! Thus if you're not happy with your purchase, you can get a full refund within 30 days! 

What Is Included In The Successful Pre-Med?

Glad you asked!

Keep in mind this is an ever growing course. Thus more resources will continue to be added. 
  • Video Course (25+ Modules)
  • Access To The PreMed Blueprint Facebook Group
  • Monthly Video Group Chats With Me
  • Free Email Templates For Shadowing and Research